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iders Incorporated is an electronic product design and manufacturing resource that focuses on rail products, contract product development services (PDS), and contract electronic manufacturing services (EMS). iders has participated in a wide variety of projects. In each case, iders was sought out for its adherence to principles of design excellence, creativity and ability to bring technologies to market.

Rail Products

iders offers a broad range of innovative products for the global rail industry. These products demonstrate iders technical leadership and attention to product excellence, driven from the top down by client and industry need to improve velocity and safety while reducing cost.

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Product Development

The iders team has years of experience in Hardware, Mechanical, and Software solutions. iders provides an unprecedented level of customer service and product time to market to a multitude of industries and technology spaces worldwide.                                                         

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Electronic Manufacturing

iders has a full-fledged EMS facility in house. We deliver a full service solution, from prototyping to production with consistently high quality assemblies, regardless of price or quantity. We can provide the same level and quality of service from prototypes to tens of thousands.

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